Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A day in the Life

Today is a visit day.  A visit day for our littlest foster son, A with his mommy.  It was also the day of our son's teacher conference before school, which made for a busy morning.  Organization is something I have always struggled with, but I am getting better.  The mornings work best when I have prepared the night before.
After the visit we head to the party store for V's Halloween costume, then home.  Time for afternoon nap - I hope! - put A down to sleep, help our 9 year old with homework, then try to get V to lay down for a nap again.  He eventually takes a much needed nap, but not without a lot of whining.  I would let him forgo these naps if he would be fine in the evening without them, but he is not.  While they are sleeping I get dinner ready because I plan on leaving right after dinner to visit a friend of mine I haven't seen in a while.

Right before dinner I ask myself, why did I make plans to visit my friend tonight?  Maybe I should call her and cancel - things are soooo chaotic at dinnertime.  Then I take a time out:  I need to have a visit with a friend, or should I say my sanity needs it!  She has no children still living at home and her house will be Quiet with a capital Q.  Oooh, I am counting the minutes for that peace and quiet if only for a few moments.

The visit was wonderful and relaxing (insert the sound of the ocean waves here!)

Back to the home front.  Bedtime rituals, make sure homework is in backpack, dishes done, tomorrow's schedule checked with everyone, A in bed, V in bed....wait, V is up.  Now he's back in bed...now up again.  You get the picture.  For someone reason it took us over an hour to get this little guy to sleep tonight! 

I'm so glad I kept my appointment with my friend!


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