Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Night Musings

I often wonder how our biological children feel having about being a foster family.  I mean how they REALLY feel.  Sure, for the most part they tell us they think it's fine.  Once in a while we'll hear, "when are they leaving?" or "it's just soooo loud in here!"    But when I watch my own children interacting and caring for our foster children, a sense of awe comes over me.  I am so proud of how they have stepped up to help with the extra work that comes with having a larger family.  When I asked our kids what they have learned since becoming a foster family, here are a few things they had to say:

*We see the munchkins grow and learn (in so many ways than just physically and developmentally!)
*Babies are very hard (This was from our 9yo son, who never hesitates to help with the boys)
*We get to connect with them and help their family (All three of our kids have met one of the birth moms)
*I don't want to have kids (until they are ready - I'm all for that)
*It's hard  (Yep, very hard.  But oh, so rewarding.)

Hey, at least they are honest.  I see how my children have cared for and loved these children like they were their own sibling.  They have welcomed them into our home so easily.  And I see the love they receive back from them.

Life is good.

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