Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Little A has regular visits with his mommy; three days a week.  For the most part, Mom is punctual and has hardly missed a visit.

V has recently started having visits with his mom.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  Visits have  been scheduled for V to see his mom.  She has made one visit, and has had to cancel the other two. 

Two days ago I emailed his case worker our weekly schedule.  We have a doctor's appt. on the day that is usually scheduled for the non-happening visit, but I can no longer schedule around visits that don't take place.  Tonight I come home to find I have a voicemail (called at 4:55) saying that V's mom WILL be at this visit, and they are just making sure I will be there.  Hello?  Maybe my email got lost in cyberspace, maybe the dog ate it like it did my son's homework.  Maybe....

I am fortunate, I get along with both case workers these boys have.  There will always be days like today - and now tomorrow - that throw a loop in our routine of life.  Tomorrow V has a therapist coming to our house at 9am, then we go to the doctor, then we rush to have a visit.  Then off to pick up at school for an early out. 

Looks like spaghetti again for dinner

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